Think big. Do big. And achieve

With more than 10 years of cloud experience,
it builds culture-oriented, creative and competitive digital structures.

While some aspects of human culture

have remained constant from the Renaissance to the Enlightenment, there have been vast changes in the last two decades that have left millions of people awed. Our world is a cubist world, where time seems to fly by and colors blur together. Our job is to establish dynamic digital structures that adhere to 22 immutable rules, utilizing the power of mathematics.

The world is a whole
and we don't believe .
in borders

Awards and publications

June, 2024.
Spheen – Ecology Platform

A virtual platform that uses the power of digital to raise international public awareness on ecology and sustainability issues

April, 2024.

”Reducing carbon footprint by organising agricultural activities (France)”

For the past 5 years
Sofware design

June, 2022.
XCO (In-Store Autonomus Management System)

September 2020.
IZIQR (Pandemic digital identity ”HES” speed reading system)

October, 2019.
CBM (Company Business Management System)

For the past 5 years
Awards & Participations

October, 2023.
MIPCOM – International TV and Digital Content exhibition / Cannes

September, 2022.

DMEXCO- Digital Marketing Exposition & Conference / Köln

March, 2022.
Crystal Apple Advertising Awards – Special jury award for the best advertising music / Istanbul

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