Digital world is a
Cubist World

Although this analogy is metaphorical and abstract, the similarities between the principles of Cubism and the characteristics of the digital world are too numerous to ignore.

Breaking the Mental Frame, Decomposition of Reality, Interactivity and Non-linearity, Variety of Perspective, etc.



Recubist is a community of free minds coming together from different parts of the world. They cannot be gathered under one roof, they cannot be confined to one perspective! Because this is far outside their point of view. Each individual in this organization is part of a generation old enough to read art movements from the pages of books on the dusty shelves of libraries, and new enough to imagine and apply machine learning technology. They even question the possibility that our ancestors invented fire not to cook meat but to attract the attention of passing spaceships in the night sky.


Coordination Team

  • Sarah Agrali
    Chief Operating Officer

    '' - For most of my working life I had the opportunity to live in the cultures of cities like Paris, Los Angeles, London, Perth and Istanbul.
    I have seen that the rational people of these cultures always maintain balance and have no boundaries. That is exactly why the spirit of this community is the same: It is filled with the power of limitlessness and the power of maintaining balance. ''

  • Sarah Agrali
  • Server ÖZEL
    Head of Creative Operations

    '' - All creative work in the digital environment is a continuation of modern art. It is possible to catch the right trend through cultural evaluations.
    However, the work needs to be oriented towards a single meaning in order to perceive issues such as Breaking the Mental Frame, Decomposition of Reality, Interactivity and Non-Linearity, Diversity of Perspectives. This ensemble promises an excellent cultural impact. ''

  • Server ÖZEL
  • Andrew Ross
    Chief Communications Officer

    '' - Recubist gets its strength from the strong connection of its tight network that makes its community. It’s people who believe in the strength of collaboration and teamwork, who it’s what make us human. It's about the collective power of bright minds collaborating seamlessly.

    We believe that it's the human connections that define us. Together, we foster an environment where creativity flourishes, ideas are shared freely, and innovation knows no bounds. We're a dynamic community united by a shared passion for collective success.''

  • Andrew Ross

Community Collaborators

Our strong relationships with our community partners reflect our company’s commitment to social responsibility and dedication to the community. We look forward to continuing to work collaboratively to make a greater impact together.


designers and developers


project for digital innovation


What do our service participants say about Recubist?


``A promotional documentary I directed featured a team I wasn't previously familiar with, but whose work I discovered that day. They were in the post-production seat, and I'm happy to say they've been a part of most of my individual projects ever since!``

Emma Martin

Film Director


''When I saw the analysis of the potential audience that our project could reach, the presence of this audience on the cloud, a digital roadmap calculated by analysing the positive and negative aspects of similar projects prepared in advance; I understood that this community is not a guide, but a comrade.''

Christophe Debras

Founder, Co2stack Ecology


``The techniques they use in the field of Digital Marketing are really tremendous. It is far away from the agencies that cannot go further than colouring the eyes...``

Charlotte Davis

International Trade Consultant


When there is a business process where time is limited and you need to get a quick reaction; I have seen very few teams that are successful in managing this process. This team is one of them...

Liam Smith

Business Development Specialist, P.W.C

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